Business Expansion Assist Center

Outline of Business Expansion Assist Center

JFE Techno-Research Corporation (JFE-TEC) is a specialized company which performs analysis, evaluation, and testing of materials, products and so on.

The company has a full range of advanced scientific instruments with world's highest performance and can respond virtually to all characterization needs.

By using these facilities, JFE-TEC has established an organization called Business Expansion Assist Center which can cooperate when foreign companies advance into Japan.

Customers who wish to establish R&D centers or manufacturing bases in Japan can make good use of following services.

  1. Analysis and testing services necessary for the client's R&D center or manufacturing base in Japan
    As a result, the client can avoid investment risk and achieve an early startup by eliminating the need to invest in sophisticated equipment and employ skilled operators.
  2. Laboratory designs that fully comply with Japanese legal and regulatory requirements
  3. Studies of technology trends in Japan for customers
  4. Public relations activities such as translation, making brochures, and producing and launching your web site

In order to carry out above mentioned services, JFE-TEC is already acquired the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO17025.