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Privacy Statement

JFE Techno-Research Privacy Statement

JFE Techno-Research Corporation protects personal information based on the “JFE Group Privacy Statement,” which is shown at the page concerning the policy on the protection of personal information of JFE Holdings, Inc. at the following link.

To see the JFE Group Privacy Statement of JFE Holdings,click here. JFE Group Privacy Statement

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

JFE Techno-Research Corporation uses personal information which it receives and possesses within the scope of the following purposes.

  • Sale, supply, and management of products/service information related to the Company's analysis and evaluation business, environmental technology business, materials technology business, measurement system business, intellectual property business, and technical information business, and businesses incidental/related thereto.
  • Analysis of customer trends in the above-mentioned businesses and new businesses, and research on product development, etc.
  • Response to inquiries and requests related to the above-mentioned businesses and new businesses.

All inquires regarding the handling of personal information should be addressed to the General Administration Dept. of JFE Techno-Research Corporation.
Phone : +81-3-3510-3400