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Biomass Use and Evaluation

Outline of Biomass Use and Evaluation

JFE-TEC supports clients' problem-solving with a wealth of experience and knowledge related to recycling accumulated over many years.

We provide valuable assistance in promoting use of biomass!

"Biomass" is a renewable organic resource which is produced from a wide range of animal and plant sources, including livestock excrement, kitchen wastes, and waste wood. From the viewpoints of preventing global warming, building a recycling society, fostering strategic industries and activating farming, fishing, and mountain villages, the related Japanese government ministries and other agencies, beginning with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), are developing activities to encourage use of biomass. Expanding use is expected in the future.

Taking advantage of a wealth of knowledge and experience in the operation of steel manufacturing plants and waste incinerators, JFE-TEC will help clients solve technical problems for use of biomass in the coming years. We offer a comprehensive technical menu that includes various types of studies, test research and equipment fabrication. This assistance supports both full-scale introduction of biomass fuels that attract attention in the future, and use of waste wood materials and other kinds of biomass that are not currently used.

Biomass Use and Evaluation Services

  • Study of use technologies (trend surveys, product market/technological studies: Biomass Advisor is available.)
  • Biomass-related laboratory tests (crushing, drying, heat treatment, gasification, liquefaction, carbonization, conversion to materials, cultivation, etc.)
  • Analysis and evaluation of biomass and related substances
  • Design and fabrication of biomass-related testing equipment (crushing, drying, heat treatment, cultivation equipment, etc.)

Helping in technology development related to biomass-type wastes!

For problems related to recycling of waste wood, food residues, and other types of biomass, JFE-TEC provides assistance in the client's problem-solving and development of new technologies based on a rich knowledge and experience in the recycling of waste plastics in the steel industry. Services range from study of testing/investigation methods to the design/fabrication of test equipment, implementation of actual tests, and analysis of operation.

Applicable Types of Biomass for Technical Services

Sewage sludge,waste wood (forest thinning wood, construction waste),food wastes,seaweeds/algae, etc.

Actual Example of Biomass Use and Evaluation

  • Biomass-related laboratory tests

    • Performance tests for electric power boiler
    • Biomass pyrolysis experiments
    • Biomass liquefaction experiments
    • Biomass gasification experiments
    • Evaluation of pellet and briquette formability
    • Analysis of thermal decomposition behavior of fuels
    • Combustion experiments in mini-plant
    • Cultivation tests (algae), digestion tests
    • Survey of biomass conversion technologies and verification by laboratory tests
  • Surveys of Biomass Use Technologies

    • Surveys of availability (generated amount) of various biomass
    • Biomass-related market surveys
    • Surveys of trends in biomass use technologies
  • Design and Fabrication of Biomass-Related Testing Equipment

    • Support for scale-up of equipment including equipment design
    • Support for design of crushing and drying equipment
    • Support for design of pyrolysis testing devices (small-scale electric furnace, kiln)
    • Support for introduction of gasification testing equipment, supercritical extraction device equipment
    • Support for design and assembly of experimental equipment
      Molding machines (briquetting machine, pelletizer) for combustion testing equipment, cultivation test equipment, etc.

Service Menu: Pulverizing Technology/Crushing and Drying Technology

Pulverizing Technology and Crushing and Drying Technology

JFE-TEC performs surveys and provides consulting and experimental services in connection with various crushing technologies, such as impact crushing, cutting, vortex flow crushing, crushing and drying, etc.

Examples of Clients' Requests

  • Want to perform efficient crushing of substances that are hard to crush with conventional technologies
  • Want to perform crushing and drying simultaneously
  • Want to prevent material deterioration during crushing

Extruder Processing

Test specimens can be prepared by various types of extruders, including the single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, kneader-reactor, etc.

These services can also be provided as a package with a technology survey and consulting.

JFE-TEC can also assist in study of the specifications and conceptual design of the necessary testing equipment.

Delivery Record: Pulverizing Technology/Crushing and Drying Technology

Purpose Item Main content
Liquefaction of woody biomass Twin screw extrusion reaction Technology development for direct liquefaction of waste wood (commissioned by NEDO)
⇒ Development to direct liquefaction of waste wood + waste plastic (research is now in progress under commission from NEDO)
Saccharification of woody biomass Dry pulverizing Comparison of various types of pulverizers.
⇒ Proposal of low-cost pulverizing method/equipment.
Twin screw extrusion reaction High temperature (up to 150°C) alkali treatment by extruder.
⇒ High efficiency saccharification is achieved by simultaneous progress of wood pulverization and chemical reaction in the extruder.
Kneader Study of more economical reaction process than twin screw extruder.
Technology survey/consulting Technology/market survey Survey and study of method for manufacturing wood plastic by pulverizing woody material, conventional technologies, and existing patents.
Survey of technology trends Survey of recent trends in use technologies of waste plastics.
Design of testing equipment Equipment specification study and conceptual design ⋅ Design of wood saccharification equipment
⋅ Study of specifications and conceptual design of gasification furnace, etc.

Element Technologies of Biomass Use and Evaluation Solutions

  • Chemical analysis
    Chemical analysis
    ICP-MS, etc.
  • Environmental analysis
    Environmental analysis
    Investigations related to wastes
  • Process testing, equipment design and fabrication
    Process testing, equipment design and fabrication
    Testing equipment design, study of specifications, conceptual design, etc.
  • Technology survey
    Technology, market surveys, technical trend surveys, etc. related to biomass

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