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Evaluation of Solar Cells

Outline of Evaluation of Solar Cells

As "Your best partner for Monodzukuri (Japanese-style manufacturing)," JFE-TEC performs performance/durability evaluations for solar cells and diagnosis services for mega solar panels.

We can also help clients solve technical problems in R&D, manufacture, failure investigations, trial manufacture and other processes related to solar cells/panels.

JFE-TEC Services

  • Durability Evaluation

    Durability Evaluation

    JFE-TEC provides services for all aspects of durability evaluation, including accelerated corrosion tests for salt damage, acid rain, etc., exposure tests under diverse environments throughout Japan, accelerated tests of deterioration caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation, gas corrosion tests at the client's designated gas concentration, accelerated tests under varied temperature/humidity conditions (damp heat test, etc.), tests for PID, which is a problem in mega solar equipment, evaluation of the strength characteristics of solar panels for wind pressure, etc.

    Evaluation Items

    • Accelerated salt damage test
    • Exposure test
    • UV deterioration test
    • Gas corrosion test
    • Temperature/humidity resistance test
    • PID test
    • Wind pressure test/wind tunnel test
  • Designated Measurement/Inspection

    Designated Measurement/Inspection

    JFE-TEC can perform measurements of various properties in module and cell units. Outdoor EL inspection is also possible, and we can perform nondestructive inspections by laser and infrared camera techniques.

    Measurement/Inspection Items

    • Measurement of I-V characteristics
    • EL characteristics
    • Outdoor EL inspection
    • PL properties
    • Laser inspection
    • Infrared camera inspection
  • Investigation/Analysis


    For analysis of the detailed structure of component parts of solar cells, JFE-TEC provides services ranging from preparation of sample materials to physical/chemical analysis.

    Investigation/Analysis Items

    • Appearance photographs
    • Conditioning of sample materials (preparation of precise cross section)
    • Observation by scanning electron microscope (SEM)
    • Analysis by electron probe micro analyzer (EPMA)
    • Observation by transmission electron microscope/scanning tunneling electron microscope (TEM-STEM)
    • Analysis by Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR)
  • Trial Manufacture of Modules

    Trial Manufacture of Modules

    Crystal silicon (Si) solar cell module:Trial manufacture of 1,000 mm x 2,000 mm size is possible. Please inquire the module size and materials to be used to JFE-TEC in advance.

  • Analysis of Sealing Material (Backsheet)

    Analysis of Sealing Material

    Evaluation Items

    • Mechanical properties
    • Gas barrier properties
    • Thermal properties
    • Composition/structural analysis
    • Layer structure analysis
    • Investigation of cross section
    • Investigation of foreign matters/adhering matters

Element Technologies of Solar Cell Evaluation Solutions

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