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Manufacture and Sale of Original Standard Reference Materials

JFE-TEC's Original Standard Reference Materials (JSM)

JFE-TEC manufactures and sells originally developed standard reference materials.

Standard reference materials are indispensable for securing the reliability of analytical values and methods. JFE-TEC's standard reference materials can help you keep your analysis equipment in proper operation.

Available Items

Catalogs of JFE-TEC original products

Catalogs listing our original products are available by request.

Iron Original Standard Reference Materials

For Instrumental Analysis

  • JFE-TEC manufactures calibration specimens for instrumental analysis, making full use of advanced expertise in iron and steel production and the development of new materials.

Specimens for use for analysis of hazardous components to ensure compliance with the EU's End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive are available as well.

In general, emission spectrometers and X-ray fluorescence analysis devices are widely used in plants producing cast iron and various types of alloys.

The users of these devices need calibration specimens to confirm the stability of the devices.

JFE-TEC has established methods to manufacture calibration specimens for use for such instrumental analysis through experiments and research over many years. Our original calibration specimens feature extremely low segregation within specimens and fine homogeneity of metallic structure.

  • Original Standard Reference Material Types

    • Ready-made products

    Catalogs of ready-made standard reference materials are available.
    Please inquire to choose from our wide-ranging products.

    • Custom-made products

    In addition to ready-made products, we also produce specimens tailored to the component elements and content range you desire. The minimum unit of order is as small as one piece per type. Please feel free to inquire.

  • Specimen Shape

Product Types and Compositions

Product type Details Available components
Cast iron Gray cast iron, alloy cast iron, ductile cast iron,
stainless cast iron, etc.
C / Si / Mn / P / S / Cu/ Ni / Cr / Mo / V / Pb / Ti / Sn / B / Sb / Zn / Ce / Ca / Bi / Al / Mg
Alloy Low-alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel
alloys, copper alloys, etc.
Cu / Ni / Cr / Mo / Fe /C / Si / Mn / P / S / Sn / Sb / Pb / Zn / Al / Ta / Nb / Co / Mg / Ca / Ti /B / V / W

* Specimens containing other elements can be manufactured by request.

Products for Compliance with ELV Directive

The use of specific hazardous substances is more widely regulated along with the move toward stricter chemical substance controls led by Europe. JFE-TEC offers specimens used for analysis of lead (Pb) and chromium (Cr) contained in metals to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Specimen form and size: 34 mm (D) × 10 mm (T), a set of 5 levels

Material Specimen No. Pb Cr
Steel JSM M 102 0.001 - 0.1 0.001- 0.1
Stainless steel JSM M 204 0.001 - 0.1 -
Nickel JSM M 500 0.001 - 0.1 -

Note: The exact content varies by lot and general values are indicated above.

Products for Compliance with ELV Directive

High Concentrations of Oxygen in Iron and Steel (for Instrumental Analysis)

For measuring oxygen concentrations in metallic materials, direct solid analysis methods (optical emission spectrometry [OES] and glow discharge spectrometry [GDS]), which have not been applicable in conventional processes, are becoming available these years for determination of oxygen. However, there have been no standard reference specimens with sufficient homogeneity for oxygen analysis on the market.

JFE-TEC has succeeded in developing highly homogeneous standard reference specimens for oxygen analysis in the high concentration range, using a unique manufacturing method. The product is now available from JFE-TEC.

Specimen form and size: 37 mm (D) × 20 mm (T), a set of 6 levels

Specimen No. O
JSM M 405 01 < 0.001
02 0.018
03 0.035
04 0.050
05 0.070
06 0.120

Note: The exact content somewhat varies by lot.

High Concentrations of Oxygen in Iron and Steel (for Instrumental Analysis)

For Gas Component Analysis

For Gas Component Analysis

JFE-TEC sells specimens for use for analysis of gas components (C, S, O, N, and H) in steel.

Specimens for use for O, N, and H analysis are produced in pin or ball shape with a weight of 0.5 g or 1.0 g, and those for C and S analysis are processed into fine grains.

These specimens completely eliminate the need for troublesome pretreatment such as cutting, polishing, and washing. This reduces variation in analytical results due to personal differences in the way pretreatment is performed and enables quick, accurate confirmation of the performance of analysis equipment.

  • Specimens for analysis of O, N, and H in steel

    Specimen form and size 0.5 or 1.0 g pins or balls
    50 or 100 g per bottle
    Specimen No. O N H
    JSMM 401 7 55 -
    JSMM 402 180 130 -
    JSMM 403 1200 - -
    JSMM 481 - - 0.7

    Note: The exact content varies by lot.

  • Specimens for analysis of C and S in steel

    Specimen form and size: Fine grains, 150 g per bottle

    Specimen No. C S
    JSMM 451-1 0.93 0.0096
    JSMM 452-1 2.78 0.011
    JSMM 453-1 3.2 0.0136
    JSMM 454-1 3.73 0.0298

Plastic Original Standard Reference Materials

Utilizing our technologies for manufacturing iron and steel-related standard reference materials, we sell plastic standard reference materials containing various added components for application to chemical analysis and instrumental analysis.

Specimens suitable for analysis to ensure compliance with the EU's RoHS Directive are also available.

Material: Polyethylene

Plastic Original Standard Reference Materials

For Chemical Analysis

For hazardous component analysis [for compliance with RoHS Directive]

Specimen form and size: Grains, 50 g per bottle

Specimen No. Cd Pb Hg Cr As Br Cl S
Unit (μg/g) (%)
JSM P 700-1 5.0 5.0 5.3 4.9 9.1 0.002* 0.004* 0.006*
JSM P 701-1 113.5 111.3 111.6 114.8 187.3 0.05* 0.06* 0.04*

*: Reference value

For trace element analysis

Specimen form and size: Grains, 50 g per bottle

Specimen No. F Na Mg Al Si P S Ca
JSM P 702-1 - 0.0012 0.0015 0.0012 0.0008* 0.0011 0.0014* 0.0013
JSM P 703-1 0.018* 0.024 0.029 0.022 0.018 0.017 0.021* 0.023
Specimen No. Ti Zn Fe Cl Cr
JSM P 702-1 0.0009 0.0010 0.0015 0.0017* 0.0012
JSM P 703-1 0.017 0.020 0.021 0.018* 0.020

*: Reference value

For X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

For hazardous component analysis [for compliance with RoHS Directive]

Specimen form and size: Sheet (30 × 30 mm, 3 mm [T]), a set of 7 levels

Specimen No. Cd Pb Hg Cr As Br
Unit (μg/g) (%)
JSM P 710-1 (a - g) <1 - 1.11×103 <1 - 1.12×103 <1 - 1.09×103 <1 - 1.10×103 <1 - 1.95×103 <0.001 - 0.62*

* : Reference value

Your instrument may, depending on its performance, be affected by coexisting elements and may not be able to measure accurately.

Guidelines for applicability (Before measurement, please confirm charts and the linearity of the calibration curve of the instrument to be used.)

Cd Pb Hg Cr As Br
Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer - - - - - *
Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer - - - N/A N/A *

-:Applicable N/A:Not applicable *:Please inquire

(Determined based on measurements by JFE-TEC)

For antimony and tin analysis

Specimen form and size: 40 mm (D) × 4 mm (T), a set of 4 levels

Specimen No. Sb(%) Sn(%)
JSM P711-1 (a - d) < 0.001 - 0.079 -
JSM P712-1 (a - d) - < 0.001 - 0.101

Nickel Ore Original Standard Reference Materials

Specimen form and size: Powder, 50 g per bottle

Specimen No. T.Ni T.Co T.Fe MgO CaO SiO2 T.Cr Al2O3
JSM O800-1 2.27 0.053 14.2 26.2 0.030 35.7 0.70 0.98
JSM O800-2 2.07 0.036 11.5 23.3 0.37 45.4 0.57 1.27
JSM O800-3 1.90 0.072 15.0 26.1 0.034 34.9 0.84 0.84

Original Standard Reference Material Production Procedure Flow

Original Standard reference materials are produced as follows.

Delivery Procedure Flow

  • Ready-made products: After your inquiry, the product undergoes pre-shipment inspection before being delivered.
  • Custom-made products: After your inquiry, a production plan is developed, followed by the initiation of production. It takes some time before delivery.
    (Note: The time required for delivery differs between ready-made and custom-made products. For more information, please inquire.)

Ensured Reliability

JFE-TEC has obtained the following certification in an effort to provide highly reliable standard reference materials.

  • Certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Certification of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 17025 Certified Testing and Calibration Laboratories ... and more

Our products are registered with the Standard Reference Materials Total Information Services of Japan (RMinfo) operated by the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ) of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

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