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Environmental & Quality Policy

Environmental Philosophy

JFE Techno-Research Corporation (JFE-TEC) is committed to improvement of the global environment as a top management priority, and conducts all business activities in an environmentally-responsible manner with the aim of building an affluent society.

Environmental Policy

JFE-TEC has implemented an Environmental Management System and is promoting activities to reduce environmental loads.

  • The Company conducts periodic reviews and audits, and is striving to realize continual improvement in order to prevent environmental pollution.
  • JFE-TEC observes all environment-related laws and regulations, ordinances, and other requirements with the aim of protecting the environment.
  • We are engaged in the following to reduce environmental loads.
    ・Development and supply of state-of-the-art technologies, equipment, and eco-products
    ・Promotion of energy saving (electricity, gas, fuels, etc.), resource saving (paperless business, water conservation, reduction of product weight, etc.), and recycling
    ・Reduction of discharges of harmful chemical substances and wastes (targeting "zero emissions")
    ・Appropriate management of chemical substances, use of substitute substances, and reduction of use
    ・Procurement of equipment/materials considering reduction of environmental loads (Green Procurement)
    Environmental businesses contributing to reduction of environmental loads by JFE-TEC clients (consulting, investigation/analysis, development of analysis technologies and environmental improvement technologies, etc.)
  • In order to maintain environmental protection activities, JFE-TEC provides education and training to employees and endeavors to increase environmental awareness.

JFE Techno-Research Corporation
Kazuhiro Seto, President and Director

Quality Policy

Based on the recognition that "Contributing to society with advanced technologies at all times to respond to new social needs" is one key part of CSR for JFE-TEC, we are committed to contributing to society by constantly grappling with the development of new technologies.

In supplying products and services to our clients, we provide quality that earns the client's confidence and satisfaction by observing laws and regulations, engaging in fair trade, honoring confidentiality, observing quality standards, and applying highly reliable technologies.

Our quality assurance efforts are based on the conviction that "no company can survive without quality".

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