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Resin/Composite Materials

Outline of Evaluation of Resin/Composite Materials

  • JFE-TEC provides total solutions in line with wide-ranging clients' needs, including material development of structural (strength) members, structural design of members, manufacturing processes, analysis of the causes of failure/defects under use environments, nondestructive testing, life prediction, etc. of resin materials and composite materials used in cars (automobiles, railway), ships, aircraft, electronic equipment and others.

Evaluation of Resin/Composite Materials

  • Composition Analysis/Structural Analysis of Resin/Composite Materials

    JFE-TEC performs commissioned composition analysis and structural analysis using the wide variety of analytical techniques possessed by this Company.

    Analysis Items

  • Investigation/Analysis of Cause of Defects of Resin/Composite Materials

    Investigation/analysis of the cause of defects of resins, rubbers, molded parts, lubricating oils and organic/inorganic composite materials is possible.

    Investigation/Analysis Items

    • Analysis of failure/damage of resin/composite materials
      JFE-TEC can provide services including fracture surface analysis (fractography), and analysis of micro-deposits/foreign substances, etc.
    • Evaluation of deterioration state of resin/composite materials
      Analysis/evaluation of various deterioration phenomena caused by use environments.
    • Deterioration diagnosis and life prediction of resins/composite materials
      Service-life prediction of a part of materials is possible based on evaluation of the deterioration conditions.
  • Strength Evaluation of Resin/Composite Materials

    JFE-TEC evaluates the strength of materials and members of resin/composite materials.

    Evaluation items

    • Raw material strength evaluation
      JFE-TEC performs various types of commissioned strength tests of raw materials, including tensile/compressive strength, creep strength, fatigue strength, etc., as well as hardness tests, fracture toughness tests, etc.
    • Member strength evaluation
      JFE-TEC also performs commissioned testing of members, such as dynamic crush tests, large-scale structural tests, etc. of member shapes.

Evaluation of Properties of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics)

  • CFRP Property Evaluation Menu

    JFE-TEC provides solutions for evaluation of the properties of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) from various angles.

    For details, click here.
  • Property Evaluation Items

    • Raw material strength evaluation
    • High speed deformation characteristics evaluation
    • Creep characteristics evaluation
    • Fatigue characteristics evaluation
    • Failure analysis
    • Weatherability evaluation
    • tructural analysis

Element Technologies of Resin/Composite Materials Evaluation Solutions

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