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Analysis of Environmental Pollutants

JFE-TEC conducts analysis flexibly for the samples difficult to analyze, new substances, etc. based on our technologies cultivated by long-time expertise of microanalysis. Please contact us.

Examples of Measurement Items

Features of JFE-TEC

  • We adopt the GC-ECD method and the high-resolution GC-MS method for the analysis of PCB in transformer oil and waste oil.
  • We have special sampling and pretreatment technologies to provide high-accuracy data.
  • We are also ready to handle the samples difficult to analyze such as biological samples, chemical products, etc.
  • We maintain the analysis accuracy by thorough accuracy control.

Main Equipment and Devices

  • High-resolution gas chromatograph mass spectroscope (HRGC/HRMS)
  • Quadrupole type gas chromatograph mass spectroscope (GC/MS)
  • Magnetic field type gas chromatograph mass spectroscope (GC/MS)
  • Liquid chromatograph mass spectroscope
  • ICP mass spectroscope
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometric equipment
  • Frameless atomic absorption spectrophotometric equipment
  • Exclusive sampling equipment such as high-volume air sampler, etc.
  • Various instrumental analysis equipment
Main Equipment and Devices

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