Testing (Material Property Evaluation)

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Welding and Joining Technologies

JFE-TEC provides technical support/evaluation in connection with welding and joining, and also fabricates and carries out performance evaluations of welded joints.

  • JFE-TEC provides technical support by welding experts who possess a wealth of experience and know-how cultivated in welding of steel materials. We can also respond to needs related to welding and joining of a wide range of other materials, such as stainless steel, nonferrous metals and others. We can help with arc welding and spot welding as such, and can also perform welding construction tests of steel frames, skill qualification tests, evaluations of various types of welds, and evaluations of weldability. Nondestructive inspection (NDI) of welds, which requires measurement techniques, is possible, for example, by ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, X-ray radiographic inspection, etc. We can also perform welding and evaluation of welds as a package. - Please feel free to ask!

  • View of MAG welding

  • Evaluation of Weld Performance
    For evaluations of weld performance, please leave it to JFE-TEC! We can perform weldability evaluations and soundness evaluations of welds by ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, X-ray radiographic inspection, etc.
  • Welding Trial Manufacture
    Utilizing various welding machines owned by JFE-TEC, we can provide a wide range of assistance, from processing of materials to fabrication of welded joints and evaluation of their performance.
    • Trial Manufacture and Evaluation of Plasma Welded Parts
    • Trial Manufacture and Characterization of Laser Welded Parts
  • Welding-Related Consulting
    Based on state-of-the-art weld evaluation techniques and a rich knowledge of welding, JFE-TEC provides technical support matched to the needs of each client. A wide range of consulting services are available, from official approval of materials and development of new materials to investigation of welding defects.

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