Testing (Material Property Evaluation)

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Trial Manufacture of Materials
(Melting/Forming/Heat Treatment)

Responding to the needs of new material development, JFE-TEC provides a wide range of sample manufacturing services, including melting, heat treatment, rolling to flat materials, secondary processing, etc., for many types of metal materials.

Vacuum Melting

Melting furnace Types of ingots
30kg vacuum melting furnace 30kg×1, 10kg×3
50kg vacuum melting furnace 50kg×1, 25kg×2, 10kg×4
100kg vacuum melting furnace 100kg×1, 50kg×2
150kg vacuum melting furnace 150kg×1, 100kg×1, 75kg×2, 50kg×3

We can also add trace elements with high accuracy in vacuum melting furnaces of 100 kg capacity and under!!

Hot Rolling

Rolling rolls (mm) Heating temperature (℃) Starting material dimensions* (mm) Finished thickness* (mm)
φ450×450w max 1250 max 200t×200w×1000l min 3.0
φ480×450w max 1230 max 250t×250w×1000l min 4.5
  • * All numerical values are actual values from rolling of ferrous materials.

JFE-TEC's rolling mill with φ480 roll is equipped with an online heat treatment device!!

Cold Rolling

Rolling rolls (mm) Starting material dimensions * (mm) Finished thickness * (mm)
Back-up roll φ420×420w,
Work roll φ180×420w
max 5t×300w min 0.3
Back-up roll φ380×380w,
Work roll φ160×380w
max 10t×200w min 0.7
Work roll φ70×90w max 5t×50w min 0.15
Work roll φ70×120w max 5t×70w min 0.10
  • * All numerical values are actual values from rolling of ferrous materials.

Heat Treatment

Furnace Heating temperature (℃) Material dimensions (mm)
Heat treatment furnace max 1550 Please consult with JFE-TEC.
Atmosphere-controlled heat treatment furnace (Ar, H2, etc.) max 1200 Please consult with JFE-TEC.
Salt bath 160 - 1150 max 210w×300l

Other Processing, Etc.

In addition to the above, other melting processes, warm rolling, wire drawing, forming, welding, machining, etc. are available. JFE-TEC can also provide chemical analysis, physical analysis and material evaluation (material tests, welding tests, corrosion tests, nondestructive examination, etc.) Please feel free to consult with us!

Introduction of Examples

  • Trial Manufacture of Materials: Melting, Rolling & Forming and Heat Treatment
  • Trial Manufacture of Materials with High Concentration Addition of Special Components

JFE-TEC Solution Services Utilizing Material Trial Manufacture Technologies (Melting/Forming/Heat Treatment)

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