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Measuring Device Based on Light Waves

Overview of Measuring Devices Based on Light Waves

Wavelength ranges of electromagnetic waves, namely light waves of X rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared rays, and radio-wave range, allows you to obtain much information about the characteristics, process conditions, dimensions, shape, temperature, and concentration of materials.

They provide measurements that do not require contact with the observation object or affect/interfere with the measurement area. With many techniques based on these characteristics, JFE-TEC provides a variety of devices based on light waves.

JFE-TEC has commercialized many measuring and inspection devices effective for product inspections, process measurement, analyses of material characteristics and anomalies, and research and development of products and processes in many areas of the manufacturing industry.

JFE-TEC also develops and provides new devices and systems according to your purpose and request.

Our devices provides many applications such as semiconductor inspections, measurement of ultrathin films and sheet-metal thicknesses, detection of trace substances, temperature measurement based on infrared rays or images, condition measurement based on spectral images, skin analysis available in the fields of medical care and beauty culture, and stress analysis based on infrared rays.

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