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Technical Survey & Intellectual Property

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Technical Survey & Intellectual Property

Overview of Technical Survey & Intellectual Property Services

JFE-TEC offers diverse services to support your business with speed, combining our capacity to collect, analyze, and survey accurate information with our accumulated expertise.


  • Technical & Market Survey Services
    Technical & Market Survey Services
    Survey and consulting services to undertake or support preliminary surveys on information needed for policy-making, positioning new businesses, and considering new product development and launch
  • Intellectual Property
    Intellectual Property
    Services essential to the development of new products/technologies and entry in new fields, including patent surveys and intellectual property education
  • Quality/Environmental/Business Management
    Quality/Environmental/Business Management
    Seminars and consultation to support ISO certification (e.g., quality/environmental management systems, and testing laboratories), establishment and maintenance of associated systems, and other corporate activities such as strengthening management capacity and developing human resources
  • Translation Services
    Translation Services
    Translation of documents in any field, especially technical documents
  • Desktop Publishing
    Desktop Publishing
    Production of printed materials and mechanicals for printing, using DTP systems

JFE-TEC's Solutions Based on Technical Survey & Intellectual Property Services

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