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Catalyst Evaluation and Development Support

Outline of Catalyst Evaluation and Development Support

Bringing together diverse technologies to assist clients in solving technical problems in the use of catalysts.

Making full use of JFE-TEC's actual results and experiences in the engineering fields of steel and the environment industries, we study and propose testing/investigation methods, perform actual analysis and characterization work for clients' technical problems related to catalysts as a whole, and assist clients in solving problems and developing processes.

Examples of Clients' Catalyst-Related Requests

  • Want to know basic performance of catalysts
  • Want to identify and analyze basic causes of catalyst deterioration and improve it
  • Want to study trial manufacture of catalysts
  • Want to manufacture catalyst reaction devices

Services Provided by JFE-TEC

Classification of Catalysts

Catalysts are used considering the functions required by the application.

Industrial Catalysts

  • Petroleum refining
    Catalysts for hydrodesulfurization/denitrification (Co, Mo, Ni), catalytic reforming (Pt, Re, Ir, Ge), FCC (zeolite), etc.
  • Petrochemicals
    Catalysts for hydrogenation (Pd/Ag), dehydrogenation (Pt, Pd, Ni, Cu, Cr, Fe), oxidation (V, Ti, Mo, Co), isomerization (Pt-zeolite), alkylation (zeolite), hydration, asymmetric synthesis (DINAP, L-isomer), etc.
  • Polymer synthesis
    Polymerization catalysts (TiCl3-AiR3, metallocene, TiCl3-MgCL2)

Catalysts for Environmental Preservation

  • Automobile exhaust gas
    HC adsorption catalyst (zeolite), NOx occlusion reduction-type catalysts (Pt, Rh, Pd), diesel exhaust gas catalyst (zeolite)
  • Other environmental preservation catalysts
    Catalysts for flue gas denitrification/DXN (Ti, V), catalytic combustion deodorizing catalysts (Pt, Pd), catalysts for preservation of living environment (Ti, Pt, Pd), fuel cell catalysts (Pt, Ru), etc.

High Temperature Atmosphere Reaction/Heat Treatment Testing Supporting Evaluation of Catalysts

JFE-TEC performs high temperature atmosphere reaction/heat treatment testing for evaluation of catalysts.

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Gas Flow-Type Catalytic Reaction Device

Main features Specification/functions
Enables evaluation of catalytic reactions of various kinds of gas Responds to diverse client needs, including, H2 (hydrogen), O2 (oxygen), CO (carbon monoxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), CH4 (methane), NOx (nitrogen oxides), SOx (sulfur oxides), NH3 (ammonia), organic gases, etc.
Applied treatment conditions · Catalyst amount: 1-5 cc
· Gas flow rate: 1-300 cc/min
· Temperature: Room temperature to 1000°C
· Pressure: 0.1-0.99 MPa
Examples of reactions · Gas refining reactions (HC, NOx, SOx)
· Hydrogenation, gasification, CNT synthesis reaction and other synthesis reactions
Other features · Pretreatment such as catalyst baking, prereduction, etc. are possible.

Element Technologies of Catalyst Evaluation and Development Support Solutions

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