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Analysis and Investigation of Electronic Components/Electronic Devices

Outline of Analysis and Investigation of Electronic Components/Electronic Devices

  • To support the development of SiC and other next-generation power devices, JFE-TEC performs analyses of wafers and investigations of the microstructure of chip structures and modules.

    We also perform commissioned investigations of the causes of trouble/malfunctions of LSI products, individual electronic components, mount boards and electronic parts, contributing to improvement of quality control and higher efficiency in product development by the client, as well as improved product yield. Utilizing know-how backed up by an impressive track record, we meet the client's problem-solving needs with efficient investigation and a quick response.

    As part of the changeover to lead-free products of the solder alloy, we also respond quickly and accurately in evaluations of the reliability of soldered joints and similar needs.

Industrial Fields where JFE-TEC has a Record of Accident Cause Investigation/ Analysis

  • Automobiles (harnesses, control devices, motor parts, power units, etc.)
  • Aircraft, electronics, household appliances, daily necessities, industrial machinery, medical equipment, security parts, etc.

Power Device Evaluation Items

JFE-TEC conducts impurity analyses for defect evaluation of SiC wafers and epilayers, microstructural analysis of devices and analysis of mounted modules.

  • Wafer/epilayer (average composition/impurities, stress, defects)

    • Analysis of trace elements in semiconductor materials (ultratrace impurities, surface contamination elements of SiC wafers) by chemical analysis
    • Observation of stacking faults/dislocations of SiC wafers and epilayers by Cs-corrected STEM
    • Evaluation of residual stress by Raman spectroscopy
    • Observation of defects of SiC and GaN wafers and epilayers by ULC-SEM-CL
  • Analysis of Power Device Mounted Components

    • Identification of debonding interface by microfocus radiography/ultrasonic microscope
    • Cross-sectional observation of interface of composite materials for power devices
    • SEM observation of wire bonding parts of power devices/IC
    • SEM observation of solder/Ni plating-Cu interface alloy phase and soldered joint interfacial peeling parts
    • Analysis of soldered joint/wire bonding alloy phase by SEM-EDX and EBSP
    • Internal observation by ultrasonic focused beam
  • Device Microstructure

    • EELS/EDX analysis of gate oxide film/SiC interface of SiC power device MOSFET by Cs-corrected STEM and TEM
    • EDX/EELS analysis of diode metal/SiC interface by Cs-corrected STEM
    • Observation of interlayer insulation film/defects by FIB-SEM
  • Inspection Technologies

    • Thermal measurement
    • Temperature measurement of power devices by high accuracy infrared camera
    • 2-dimensional spectrum measurement device for defects on SiC boards

Examples of Main Test Items for Electronic Components/Devices

Environmental Tests (Reliability Tests)

    • Thermal shock test
    • Constant temperature/constant humidity test
    • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) resistance test
    • Pressure cooker test
    • Low temperature storage test
    • Electromigration test

Reliability Tests of Soldered Joints

    • Peel strength test
    • Bonding-wire pull shear test

Nondestructive Tests

    • Ultrasonic flaw detection
    • Identification of short circuit location by liquid crystal method

Test Pretreatment for Analysis

    • Dicing cutting
    • Precision polishing to 20 μm (approx.)
    • Delamination of LSI layers

Evaluation of Electrical Characteristics

    • Volume resistivity measurement
    • V-I characteristics
    • Measurement of interlayer electrical resistance

Examples of Investigation of Electronic Components and Printed Circuit Board Mounted Components

Element Technologies of Electronic Component/Device Analysis and Investigation Solutions

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