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Outline of Inspection/Measurement Services

In response to the different kinds of measurement demands in the field of production and research, JFE-TEC provides a variety of services covering the range from test/experiment plans to measurements, data analysis, evaluations, and consultations to the development of measuring equipment on a full-turn-key basis.

List of Inspection and Measurement Services

Commissioned measurement and analysis solutions

For the customers' purposes of problem solutions, JFE-TEC provides commissioned measurement and analysis where invisible objects are visualized and measured with nondestructive, noncontact methods using light or sound waves of the appropriate wavelength, as well as defect detection, fatigue limit analysis, stress analysis, and inner structural analysis.

  • Thermography

    Outline and measurement examples of the thermography (infrared camera) applied technology

  • Ultrasonic

    Outline and measurement examples of measurement technologies using ultrasonic waves

    • Ultrasonic measurement
      • Defect detection
      • Layer structure analysis
  • Sound/Vibration

    Personnel from JFE-TEC have extensive experience in comprehensive measurement and analysis solutions related to sound and vibration.

    • Sound/Vibration measurement
      • Noise vibration measurement
      • Experimental modal analysis
      • Different vibration tests
  • Shape/Profile Measurement

    JFE-TEC provides commissioned measurement services combining noncontact shape/profile measurement and image processing technology.

Inspection/Measurement Equipment Sales

JFE-TEC sells inspection/measurement equipment applying light and sound waves of different wavelengths to support customization as requested by the customer and appropriate for the environment.
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Our solution services taking advantage of inspection and measurement services

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