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About JFE-TEC's Total Solutions

  • JFE-TEC provides "one-stop service" with a combination of investigation, analytical test, analysis and evaluation to support clients in technical problem solving.

    We provide high reliability analysis, evaluation and investigation techniques using state-of-the-art analysis/testing equipment for a wide range of objects from the nano region to large-scale structures, and have a technical staff of 500 experienced specialists who are ready to assist with technical problems in every aspect of manufacturing

  • JFE-TEC provides

Material Evaluation Solutions

  • Material Evaluation Solutions
    Evaluation of Metallic Materials
    For both iron and steel and nonferrous metals, we can provide total services including composition design, trial manufacture and performance evaluation, or any part of this work, for the client.
  • Evaluation of Resin/Composite Materials
    Evaluation of Resin/Composite Materials
    We can provide total solutions to a wide range of client needs, such as material development for structural (strength) members using resin/composite materials, member structural design, manufacturing processes, analysis of the causes of damage and defects, life prediction, etc.
  • Weatherability Evaluation
    Weatherability Evaluation
    We can perform many types of weatherability tests and corrosion analysis. Objects of evaluation are not limited to materials; we can also perform testing of components and products, including large-scale products like solar cell panels.
  • Evaluation of Medical Equipment/Implant Materials
    Evaluation of Medical Equipment/Implant Materials
    Our services cover a wide range of needs, from evaluations and tests of medical equipment, beginning with implant materials, and analysis of the cause of defects, to mechanical safety testing accompanying medical applications.
  • Evaluation of Magnetic Materials
    Evaluation of Magnetic Materials
    Focusing on the magnetic properties of materials, we can perform the measurements/evaluations necessary in research, development and design of electrical steel sheets, soft magnetic materials (iron powder) and permanent magnets, as well as equipment utilizing electromagnetism, such as motors, transformers, etc., which are applications of those materials.
  • Evaluation of Electronic Components/Electronic Devices
    Evaluation of Electronic Components/Electronic Devices
    We can provide efficient investigation and a quick response to various problems concerning SiC and other types of next-generation power devices, LSI products, individual electronic components, mount boards and electronic components.
  • Evaluation of Batteries/Battery Materials
    Evaluation of Batteries/Battery Materials
    We have realized an integrated commissioned system covering the full range of processes from trial manufacture of batteries to testing/evaluation of battery characteristics and analysis of battery materials. Utilizing leading-edge analytical devices/equipment and accumulated battery related technologies, we can assist clients with research and development, including total commissioned research, improvement of quality and performance, etc.
  • Evaluation of Solar Cells
    Evaluation of Solar Cells
    We perform evaluations of the performance and durability of solar cells for clients. We can also respond to a wide range of technical problems that clients face in the R&D process, manufacturing, investigation of defects, trial manufacture, etc.

Design/Development Support Solutions

  • Equipment/process testing, design and fabrication
    Equipment/process testing, design and fabrication
    In the fields of energy, the environment and industrial processes, we can provide total support for the diverse issues that clients must deal with, including technology surveys, testing/evaluation, design/manufacture of test equipment and evaluation of commercial potential (FS: feasibility study).
  • Catalyst Evaluation and Development Support
    Catalyst Evaluation and Development Support
    For problems related to catalysts as whole, we provide assistance in problem solving and process development by study of testing and investigation methods, actual testing and analysis work, etc.
  • Biomass Use and Evaluation
    Biomass Use and Evaluation
    We provide assistance in technical problem solving related to promotion of future use of biomass fuels, which are expected to attract much attention in the coming years. With a rich menu of technologies, we can perform various types of studies and test research, as well as the simulations necessary for device manufacture and operation, supporting full-scale introduction of biomass fuel, use of currently unused biomass resources like waste wood materials, etc.

Social and Environmental Technology Solutions

  • Operation and Maintenance of Social Infrastructure/Evaluation of Large-Scale Structures
    Operation and Maintenance of Social Infrastructure/Evaluation of Large-Scale Structures
    Making full use of technologies cultivated in various inspection, testing, evaluation and analysis work for metallic materials and our experienced technical staff, we provide support for promoting inspection, investigation, R&D, etc. of social infrastructure.

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