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Research, Development, and Design Support (problem-oriented surveys and proposal of application technologies)

Performance evaluations of materials and products

  • Material testing and survey
  • Identification of steel type by chemical analysis
  • Performance evaluation based on simulation of actual operation scales
  • Quality inspection of imported materials
Material testing, evaluation, and survey

Failure analysis and defect investigation for materials and products

Material testing, evaluation, and survey

Microstructure analysis

Commissioned analysis/testing services, analysis and evaluation

Organic material analysis and film evaluation

Commissioned analysis/testing services, analysis and evaluation Material testing, evaluation, and survey

Material strength and forming process technology

Material testing, evaluation, and survey

Corrosion survey and corrosion prevention technology

Corrosion and corrosion prevention

Large structure evaluation and welding technology

  • Large structure testing (construction, civil engineering, and transport equipment)
  • Welded joint performance evaluation, safety evaluation of welded structures
  • Welding skill certification test
Structure testing and maintenance Welding technology

CAE solutions

  • Numerical analysis using general-purpose solvers
  • Comprehensive proposals for measurement, simulation, and verification
  • Numerical analysis based on actual material measurement test data
  • Combined proposals for experiment and verification of analysis results
  • CAE analysis examples
Computer aided engineering (CAE)

Production and inspection support (technologies for accurate and timely visualization)

Ultra-trace analysis technology

Material testing, evaluation, and survey

Equipment supply for imaging spectrum analyser and imaging inspection system

On-site measurement and analysis services

  • Stress distribution measurement with infrared camera
  • Onsite soil analysis (heavy metals and VOCs)

Technical survey and support services (customer-oriented proposals)

Environmental analysis/survey/assessment

  • Analysis of dioxins、asbestos、and pollutants
  • Atmosphere, water, soil, odor, noise、vibration measurement, waste
  • Acoustic and vibration measurement, evaluation, and prevention technologies
  • Environmental assessment prior to factory/facility construction

Surveys and studies of water treatment technologies

  • Consultation on factory water treatment systems

Soil and groundwater survey/special investigations

  • DNA analysis

Patent search, patent strategy, and prior art survey

  • Prior art and patent information survey
  • Creation of patent maps
  • Commissioned survey on technological trends

Education, training and system construction

  • Intellectual property seminars
  • Support in certification of ISO 9001, 14001, 17025
  • Seminars to train internal auditors
  • Consultation on IE/QC activities

Technical studies and market research

  • R&D projects based on regional collaboration
  • Overseas survey and technology assessment
  • Major fields of study
    • - Environmental technology
    • - Material technology and processing technology
    • - Energy technology

Translation, DTP, website creation, and information search

  • Desktop publishing of catalogs, company brochures, technical documents, and other media
  • Website planning, creation, and management
  • Multilingual translation mainly in science and technology fields

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