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About JFE Techno-Research Corporation

‐JFE Techno-Research (JFE-TEC) is a provider of analysis, evaluation, testing, and survey services -

JFE-TEC helps clients solve their technical challenges in research, development, design, manufacturing, and quality control of materials and products in various fields, with our expertise in analysis, evaluation, and surveys.

We support wide-ranging fields, from nanotechnology to large-scale structures.

Guide to Our Website

Here is an overview of our website which helps you navigate through information and inquiry pages.

Please feel free to inquire by e-mail if you have any questions.

Outline of JFE-TEC

The following pages outline our business lineup.

Available Services

JFE-TEC provides technology services, such as material analysis, evaluation, testing, and surveys.

Ordering Procedure

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Frequently Asked Questions

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