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Investigation of Causes of Material/Product Failure/Defects

Call us when you have a material or product failure or defect!

When a material defect or product failure occurs, first, it is necessary to grasp the root cause. Whether the investigation of the cause is correct or not will determine the results of studies of measures to prevent recurrence or renovation of equipment. Based on a wealth of experience, we can provide the necessary assistance through investigation of the failed item. (When necessary, we can also perform reproduction tests and numerical simulation (CAE)).

If you have a problem with failure or defects of products or equipment, first of all, call JFE-TEC. We can propose the optimum investigation items for each client's needs.

Objects of Investigation

Examples of Investigation Items

  • Observation of external appearance
    Observation/recording of clues in external appearance
  • Confirmation of material quality
    Chemical composition analysis, microstructure, tensile strength, impact properties, hardness, etc.
  • Cross-sectional microstructure (in area near fracture)
    Point of origin/fracture path, confirmation of adhering conditions of scale, coating film, etc., evaluation of inclusions and segregation
  • Fracture surface analysis
    Confirmation of origin, fracture morphology and fracture path, confirmation of mode/direction of fracture stress, calculation of number of cycles of vibration (fatigue) until failure, qualitative analysis of deposits (adhering matter)
  • Investigation report
    Summary of the results of the above-mentioned investigations, total estimation of cause of failure.

Case Study: Reproduction of Cracking of Zn Coating

The following is an example of an investigation of the cause of cracking of a Zn coating, which was carried out using test specimens by changing the material/degrees of forming.

Cracking of the Zn coating was reproduced, and the microstructure and fracture surface morphology were confirmed.

Material : SS400
Sheet thickness : 10 mm; Zn coating was applied after 180℃ bending.
Result : Cracking of the Zn coating from the inner side was confirmed, and the fracture morphology was the quasi-cleavage type.

Examples of Failure Investigations

Failure investigation Estimated cause of failure
Investigation of cause of shaft breakage Rotating bending fatigue
Breakage analysis of thin sheet product Fatigue under complete reversed plane bending
Investigation of cause of bolt fracture Corrosion fatigue
Investigation of cause of bolt fracture Delayed fracture
Investigation of cause of spring fracture Delayed fracture
Investigation of cause of blade cracking Stress corrosion cracking
Investigation of cause of fracture die cast product Brittle fracture: Origin and direction of the fracture were designated from observation of external appearance
Investigation of breakage in bar material Decrease of deformability due to work hardening
Investigation of breakage in copper alloy tube Tensile fracture in circumferential direction due to increase in internal pressure
Investigation of cause of deterioration of nipple (brass) Creep phenomenon
Investigation of damage of stainless steel part Erosion/corrosion
Investigation of cause of hole in water pipe Reduction of pipe wall thickness due to interaction scale formation and peeling
Investigation of cause of fire/burning of electrical appliance Trace of melting of short-circuited copper wire

Other Examples

  • Analysis of Fracture Trouble of Structures by CAE
  • Pressure Testing and Failure Analysis of Vessels and Pipes
  • Failure Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials
  • Analysis of Cause of Failure of Equipment and Structures
  • Failure Analysis of Resin Materials Used in Electronic Game Devices

JFE-TEC Solution Services Utilizing Failure/Defect Cause Investigation Techniques

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