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Examples of Investigation/Analysis of Corrosion Accidents/Damage

JFE-TEC accepts requests for investigation and analysis of corrosion problems and corrosion accidents.

Examples of Investigation of Corrosion Accident (1)

"Cause and Countermeasures for Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) of Stainless Steel Pipe Buried in Soil"

Sample pipe : SUS303 100 A (3 mmt), wrapped with PVC tape
Use period : Approx. 10 years
Fluid : Steam drain (80-100℃)
Results of Corrosion Analysis
Form of corrosion SCC (stress corrosion cracking) with origin on outside surface
Result of investigation Cl- (chlorine ion) was detected in corrosion product
Cause Leaching of Cl- (chlorine ion) from soil or corrosion prevention tape)
Countermeasures Coating with heat resistant resin, use of high corrosion resistance stainless steel pipe

Examples of Investigation of Corrosion Accident (2)

"Hydrogen Grooving Corrosion in Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Piping"

Sample pipe: STGP 80A
Use period : Several years
Fluid : 98% sulfuric acid, room temperature
Results of Corrosion Analysis
Form of corrosion Hydrogen grooving (grooving corrosion by hydrogen)
Result of investigation Hydrogen gas was generated by very slight corrosion of the piping
Cause Caused by generated hydrogen gas passing position in piping at 12 o'clock
Countermeasure Improve slope of pipe

Examples of Corrosion Investigations/Examples of Corrosion Resistance Tests

  • Corrosion resistance evaluation of Zn-coated steel pipe
  • Corrosion analysis of hot and cold water piping
  • Corrosion investigation of steel tower members
  • Corrosion investigation of transformer
  • Corrosion evaluation of valve
  • Constant current stress SSRT analysis in H2S atmosphere
  • 4-point bending test of brass
  • Corrosion resistance investigation of stainless steel hot water tank
  • 65% nitric acid test of stainless steel (JIS G 0573)
  • Copper sulfate immersion test of joint
  • High temperature immersion test of phenol FRP
  • Corrosion investigation of SUS304 hose fitting
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) corrosion test of cable sheath
  • Saltwater corrosion test of stainless steel joint
  • Corrosion resistance test of brazed part of copper tube
  • Immersion test of watch parts
  • Sulfurous acid gas (SO2) corrosion resistance test of compressor and connector
  • Investigation of chain breakage accident
  • Investigation of cause of damage of coil spring
  • Observation of fracture surface of bolt
  • Investigation of turbine wheel damage
  • Investigation of cause of defect in exhaust manifold
  • Investigation of damage of ring gear
  • Investigation of cause of trouble in sensor
  • Investigation of defect of stainless steel bolt
  • Observation of fracture surface of motor shaft
  • Investigation of cause of damage of bearing
  • Investigation of cause of hole in piping weld in water treatment equipment (bacteria corrosion)
  • Analysis of stable rust of weathering steel
  • Evaluation of corrosion under paint film of painted steel structure
  • Analysis of iron rust layer of crude oil tank
  • Evaluation of stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel
  • Analysis of corrosion defect of steel pipe structure
  • Investigation of high temperature oxidation of turbine blade
  • Investigation of cause of corrosion under eaves of building
  • Investigation of corrosion damage of roof and walls of building, investigation of corrosion environment
  • Investigation of corrosion defect of materials exposed outdoors
  • Analysis of corrosion product of flange weld
  • Investigation of high temperature steam oxidation of superalloy in power generating equipment
  • Investigation of occurrence of surface rust and defects of electronic parts
  • Hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) test of low alloy steel
  • Weatherability evaluation of polymer materials
  • Measurement of hydrogen penetration and hydrogen embrittlement test of high alloy steel
  • Evaluation of pitting corrosion resistance of coated steel sheets
  • Site exposure test and evaluation of chemical plant piping
  • Investigation of crevice corrosion of heat exchanger tubes
  • Evaluation of bacterial corrosion of stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Investigation of corrosion damage of boiler control valve
  • Pitting corrosion test of ammonia gas piping welds
  • Investigation of damage and analysis of fracture surface of pump shaft
  • Investigation of cause of trouble in compressor casing
  • Troubleshooting for pipeline defects
  • Investigation of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide gas corrosion of OCTG
  • Investigation of cause of occurrence of defect in condenser
  • Investigation of damaged part of pressure vessel
  • Investigation of corrosion rate of pipe buried in soil
  • Investigation of stress corrosion cracking in high temperature, high pressure water

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