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Accelerated Tests of Atmospheric Corrosion (Salt Damage)

JFE-TEC has a wide variety of line-up of accelerated test methods simulating atmospheric corrosion.

Combined Cycle Corrosion Tests (CCT)

    • Combined cyclic corrosion test (CCT) supporting testing conforming to JIS H 8502, JASOM611-92 and other standards. In these accelerated tests, atmospheric corrosion is simulated by repeating a cycle of salt water spray → dry → wet, etc. Tests can be performed with samples up to a maximum size of 2 × 1.5 × 1.5 m and weights of more than 200 kg. Low temperature cycles and immersion testing can also be incorporated in tests.
    • Using JFE-TEC's large-scale CCT testing machine, testing can be performed with samples up to a maximum size of 2 × 1 m.
    • Low temperature (-20℃), salt water immersion, and other special test conditions are also possible. Please ask us!

Salt Spray Test (SST): JIS Z 2371, CASS Test: ISO 9227

    • Salt spray test (SST): JIS Z 2371
      Accelerated corrosion test by spraying 5%NaCl solution.
    • CASS test: ISO 9227
      Test in which localized corrosion is strengthened by spraying a 5%NaCl solution adjusted to pH3 with acetic acid and containing added cupric chloride.
      Mainly used in evaluations of anodized Al alloys and Cr plated materials.

Simulated Acid Rain Test: JIS H 8502

  • Accelerated test simulating corrosion by acid rain, which has become a problem in recent years, by repeating a cycle of spraying → dry → wet using a 5%NaCl solution adjusted to pH3.5 with a mixed acid of sulfuric acid and nitric acid.

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