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In assessing the performance of the lithium-ion secondary battery and the fuel cell the accurate quantitative chemical analysis of the relevant materials before and after use is very critical.

JFE-TEC has expertise and experience with sampling of the materials without exposure to ambient atmosphere and with the trace analysis of the materials in a very small quantity and provides analysis of the materials used in batteries with a higher degree of accuracy and precision even at very low concentration.

Analysis and Performance Evaluation of the Lithium-ion Secondary Battery.

JFE-TEC can provide the analysis service of various materials used in the lithium-ion secondary battery such as the quantitative analysis of the anode materials and lithium cathode materials, the composition analysis of the cathode active material and the electrolyte, and the quantification of trace amounts of water.

Analysis and Performance Evaluation of the Fuel Cell

Further improvement of the performance of solid polymer membrane fuel cells and further advancement of its functionality had became a bigger issue after the commencement of the sales of fuel cell vehicles in 2015 in Japan, thereby indicating the importance of the accurate composition analysis of battery components and the importance of its performance evaluation by the elution and immersion tests.

JFE-TEC can provide the service to get accurate and precise analysis data in chemical compositions of components used in fuel cells using a combination of various analysis instruments.

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