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Analysis of Battery Materials

Each of batteries such as lithium-ion secondary battery/capacitor, fuel cell and solar cell consists of combination of different materials based on the structure in which a positive electrode and a negative electrode are sandwiched by a separator. JFE-TEC undertakes structure analyses of different composing materials as necessary for battery material design and failure analysis, ranging from macro structure analysis including chemical composition, crystalline phase, crystalline orientation, and blending rate to complex/multilayer micro structures to nano structures including atomic arrangement and chemical state. As many battery materials have a high reactivity, fine structure analysis and surface analysis in inert atmosphere are necessary, which we also undertake.

Analysis of Lithium-Ion Secondary Battery

JFE-TEC analyzes materials such as positive electrode material, negative electrode material, separator and collector that compose lithium-ion secondary battery. We also evaluate charge/discharge characteristics and deteriorated electrodes.

We conduct analysis of the distribution/shape/blending rate of active materials constituting positive electrode material and negative electrode material, binders, conductive assistant, pore, etc., analysis of Li distribution/chemical state, and investigation of structure transformation/change during charge/discharge as well as investigation of atomic arrangement in positive electrode material, structure transformation/change of negative/positive electrode materials during charge/discharge, chemical state of SEI layer, morphology of separator, aggregate structure of collector, and crystalline phase/crystalline orientation.

Analysis of Capacitor, Fuel Cell, and Solar Cell

JFE-TEC analyzes the fine structure (shape, crystalline structure, composition) of capacitors, fuel cells and solar cells.

  • Morphological observation

    • ULV-SEM observation of the distribution of Pt catalyst for fuel cell (PEFC)
    • Observation of the MEA section for fuel cell/ion milling of cryo-section
    • Observation of the oxidation phase of aluminum capacitor surface using ULV-SEM
    • Observation of the electrolyte oxide in fuel cell (SOFC) using ULV-SEM
    • Observation of the MEA for fuel cell (PEFC)/cryo-section ion milling using ULV-SEM
    • Observation of the power generation layer (ZnO/pigment composite layer) of pigment-sensitized solar cell (organic solar cell) using FIB-ULV-SEM
    • Fine TEM observation of the Pt catalyst
    • Observation of the lamination structure of CIGS for solar cell using Cs corrector STEM
    • Observation of the Si thin film interface for solar cell using Cs corrector STEM
  • Elementary analysis

    • Infinitesimal analysis for polycrystalline Si _polycrystalline silicon?
    • Observation and analysis of insulation film by SEM-EDX
    • Analysis of element distribution in MEA for fuel cell (PEFC)/cryo-section ion milling by EPMA
    • Phase-based analysis of electrolyte oxide in fuel cell (SOFC) using ULV-SEM-EDX
  • Chemical state

    • Evaluation of electron state of Pt catalyst for fuel cell (PEFC) by XPS

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