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Nickel Ore Standard Reference Specimens

Announcing the launch of a new series of JFE-TEC's original standard reference specimens

Product Features

  • Designed to be used for validation of analysis methods during nickel ore analysis.
  • Comes in three types with different concentrations of eight components in nickel ore.
  • More reliable because the standard values are determined at multiple test laboratories in Japan and abroad.

Nickel Ore Standard Reference Specimens

    • Specimen form and size : Powder (particle size:150μm or less)50 g per bottle

Composition of Nickel Ore Standard Reference Specimens

Specimen No. T.Ni T.Co T.Fe MgO CaO SiO2 T.Cr Al2O3
JSM O800-1 2.27 0.053 14.2 26.2 0.030 35.7 0.70 0.98
JSM O800-2 2.07 0.036 11.5 23.3 0.37 45.4 0.57 1.27
JSM O800-3 1.90 0.072 15.0 26.1 0.034 34.9 0.84 0.84

Ensured Reliability of Analysis Results

Highly reliable chemical analysis methods are used for the analysis to determine standard values, such as gravimetric method, titration, atomic absorption spectrometry, and inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry.

In addition, JFE-TEC provides a wide range of standard reference specimens of various materials and compositions. Please feel free to consult us.

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