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Standard Reference Specimens for High Concentrations of Oxygen in Iron and Steel (for Instrumental Analysis)

Announcing the launch of a new series of JFE-TEC's original standard reference materials

The oxygen concentration in metallic materials is used as a control index for removal of impurities and control of inclusions in refining processes. Although determination of oxygen is usually performed by the inert gas fusion method, recent advancement in analytical technology has enabled it to be conducted by direct solid analysis methods (optical emission spectrometry [OES] and glow discharge spectrometry [GDS]).

Determination by these direct solid analysis methods calls for specimens for forming a calibration curve, but there have been no homogeneous standard reference specimens for oxygen analysis available on the market.

JFE-TEC has succeeded in developing highly homogeneous standard reference specimens for oxygen analysis in the high concentration range, using a unique manufacturing method. This product has been available since 2014.

Product Features and Overview

  • These standard reference specimens are designed to control devices used for analyzing high concentrations of oxygen in metallic materials and enables homogeneous and high-precision determination.
  • Our products are applicable to new uses (evaluation of surface oxidation, and compensation for and monitoring of pretreatment effects) in spark discharge optical emission spectrometry and glow discharge optical emission spectrometry.

Overview of Standard Reference Specimens for Analysis of High Concentrations of Oxygen (Specimen No. JSM M405)

    • Specimen Shape
      : 37 mm (D) × 20 mm (T)
      For No. 01, 32 mm (D) × 20 mm (T)
    • Material: Steel
    • Concentration level: A set of following 6 levels
    Specimen No. O (%)
    JSM M405 01 <0.001
    02 0.018
    03 0.035
    04 0.050
    05 0.070
    06 0.120
    Note: The exact content somewhat varies by lot.

Measurement Example by Spark Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry

  • Specimen No. 03 04 06
    1 0.034 0.053 0.111
    2 0.034 0.050 0.116
    3 0.036 0.051 0.114
    4 0.034 0.052 0.116
    5 0.035 0.051 0.115
    6 0.033 0.051 0.121
    7 0.033 0.052 0.116
    8 0.036 0.045 0.115
    9 0.037 0.051 0.113
    10 0.036 0.049 0.113
    Average 0.0348 0.0505 0.1149
    SD 0.0013 0.0022 0.0027
    RSD 3.8 4.4 2.3
    Tab. 1 Repeatability (N=10) (%)

Ensured Reliability and Handling of Analysis Results

The standard values of reference specimens must provide clear traceability.

JFE-TEC ensures reliability of its standard reference specimens by applying "JIS G 1239: Iron and steel - Determination of oxygen - Infrared absorption method after fusion under inert gas" to the analysis for determination of standard values and by securing traceability through repeatability analysis using Japanese Iron and Steel Certified Standard Reference Materials (JSS).

Caution: These products are designed solely for management and associated activities conducted within the client's organization. If you decide to report the results of calibration based on these products to external parties, you may do so at your own risk (and JFE-TEC assumes no liabilities in such case).

JFE-TEC produces standard reference materials tailored to your desired composition, whether it is for low or high concentration analysis. Please feel free to consult us.

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