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Standard Reference Specimens for Analysis of Trace Hydrogen Contents in Iron and Steel

Announcing the launch of a new series of JFE-TEC's original standard reference materials

In the development of materials focusing on energy saving and weight reduction, a number of hurdles need to be overcome in the pursuit of higher strength. One of them is prevention and countermeasures for delayed fracture caused by hydrogen. For this reason, analysis of trace amounts of hydrogen is essential in the development and manufacture of these materials.

A key requirement for accurate and precise determination for analysis of trace hydrogen contents is homogeneous specimens providing reliable standard values for hydrogen concentration at less than 1 ppm.

JFE-TEC has recently developed a new standard reference specimen meeting the needs for trace hydrogen analysis.

Product Features

  • The product is adjusted to the optimum concentration for standard reference specimens used for confirming instrument performance and checking accuracy during analysis of trace hydrogen contents in iron and steel.
  • Since the product is in ball shape, time-consuming pretreatment processes of cutting, polishing, and washing are completely unnecessary. This reduces variation in analytical results due to personal differences in the way pretreatment is performed and enables quick, accurate analysis.
  • Long-term variability over a maximum of seven years is examined for each lot.

Standard Reference Specimens for Analysis of Trace Hydrogen Contents in Iron and Steel (Specimen No. JSM M481)

    • Specimen form and size
      1.0 g, 100 balls per bottle
    • Concentration level
      0.7-1.0 ppm
      (Note: The exact content varies by lot.)
  • Example of Analysis

    JSM M481
    n = 10 H (ppm)
    Average 0.74
    Standard deviation 0.047
    BS HON-T
    Certified value 2.7
    Measured value* 2.83
    Standard deviation 0.31

    * Measured value of certified standard reference materials based on repeatability measurement (at 4 labs)

Ensured Reliability

The standard values of reference specimens must provide clear traceability.
The analysis for determination of standard values is jointly performed at our multiple testing laboratories in accordance with "JIS Z 2614: General rules for determination of hydrogen in metallic materials." In an effort to supply highly reliable standard reference specimens, JFE-TEC also ensures traceability through repeatability analysis of JSS, NIST, and other standard reference materials.

Other than the above product, JFE-TEC provides a wide range of standard reference specimens of various materials and compositions. Please feel free to consult us.

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