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Standard Reference Specimens for Analysis of High Concentrations of Oxygen
in Metallic Materials (for Gas Component Analysis)

Announcing the launch of a new series of JFE-TEC's original standard reference materials

The oxygen concentration in metallic materials is used as a control index for removal of impurities and control of inclusions in refining processes. The determination of oxygen is usually performed by the inert gas fusion method.
The accurate determination of oxygen in the high concentration range requires calibration specimens with which to check the stability of analysis equipment.
JFE-TEC has succeeded in developing highly homogeneous standard reference specimens for oxygen analysis in the high concentration range, using a unique manufacturing method. This product is now available from JFE-TEC.

Product Features

  • This standard reference material is designed to help manage equipment used for analysis of high concentrations of oxygen contained in metallic materials, enabling homogeneous and highly accurate determination of oxygen content.
  • Since no pretreatment is required for the specimen, variation arising from pretreatment is eliminated.
  • The mass of the specimen is so accurate as to fall within the range of (1 ± 0.0005) g, enabling you to omit weighting in automated analysis (without affecting determination results).

Standard Reference Specimen for Analysis of High Concentrations of Oxygen (Specimen No. JSM M403)

  • Standard reference specimen for analysis of high concentrations of oxygen (Specimen No. JSM M403)

    • Specimen form and size: 5 mm (D) × 7 mm (T)
    • Concentration level: 1200 ± 100 ppm
      (Accuracy may somewhat vary by lot; in some cases, accuracy is higher than the above.)
    Specimen No. O(%)
    JSM M403 Concentration 0.12
    Standard deviation (concentration) 0.0054
    Mass 1.00017 g
    Standard deviation (mass) 0.00052

Ensured Reliability of Analysis Results

The standard values of reference specimens must provide clear traceability.

During analysis for determination of standard values, JFE-TEC ensures reliability of its standard reference specimens through repeatability analysis using Japanese Iron and Steel Certified Standard Reference Materials (JSS).

JFE-TEC produces standard reference materials tailored to your desired composition, whether it is for low or high concentration analysis. Please feel free to consult us.

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