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Physical Analyses of Magnetic Materials

JFE-TEC analyzes and evaluates matters ranging from macro structure factors including chemical composition, crystalline phase and crystalline orientation, which have an influence on the magnetic characteristic of hard magnet (permanent magnet) such as neodymium magnet and ferrite, to nano structure factors including element intercrystalline segregation of intercrystalline interface and intercrystalline phase.

Concerning soft magnetic materials including silicon steel sheet, we also undertake structure analysis necessary for magnet material design and failure analysis.

Analysis of Hard Magnet (Permanent Magnet)

JFE-TEC analyzes the average composition, local element distribution, crystalline phase/orientation, and intercrystalline segregation/intercrystalline interface of rare earth magnet and ferrite magnet.

Analysis of Soft Magnetic Materials: Crystalline Structure/Orientation/Aggregate Structures, Composition, Insulation Film, Stress

We analyze crystalline structure/orientation/aggregate structures, composition, insulation film and stress of soft magnetic materials.

  • Crystalline structure analysis

    • Analysis of aggregate structures of silicon steel sheet using X-ray diffraction/pole figure
    • Analysis of aggregate structures of silicon steel sheet using EBSP
    • Stress measurement using X-ray diffraction
  • Elementary analysis

    • Observation and analysis of the insulation film using SEM-EDX
    • Analysis of element segregation in steel sheet using EPMA
  • Magnetic domain observation

    • Observation of the magnetic domain structure using Lorentz microscopy

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