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Analyses of Inorganic Materials and Ceramics

Functionalities of inorganic and ceramic materials (high strength; high resistance to corrosion; electric physical property, including insulation property, electrical conductivity, and dielectric property; and optical characteristics) vary depending on the bulk structure, including the composition and crystalline phase and the structure of the interface (intercrystalline interface, joining interface, etc.).

JFE-TEC provides structure analysis techniques necessary for material design and failure analysis.

Bulk Structure (Composition, Impurity/ Sintering Aids, Crystalline Phase, Stress)

We observe the average composition (analysis of main components and minor components) and crystalline particle using chemical analysis, phase analysis using EBSD, and stress measurement using Raman spectroscopy.

Interface Structure (Intercrystalline Segregation, Concentration, Joining Different Materials)

We analyze the lamination and coating, condition of the substrate, structure of bulk crystalline particle/intercrystalline interface using SEM/TEM and then assess the fine portion by using EDX/EELS analysis in combination.

  • Morphological observation

    • Observation and analysis of ceramics (oxide, nitride)/metallic interface using ULV-SEM
    • Analysis of concentration phase of interface using Cs corrector STEM and TEM-EDX-EELS
  • Element analysis

    • Observation of ceramics/metallic interface using ULV-SEM
    • Simultaneous analysis of thickness/composition of ceramic coating using EPMA
    • Analysis of concentration phase of interface using Cs corrector STEM and TEM-EDX-EELS
    • EELS/EDX analysis of gate oxide film/SiC interface of SiC-based power device MOSFET using Cs corrector STEM and TEM
  • Crystalline structure analysis

    • Orientation evaluation of PZT (lead zirconate titanate), etc. using EBSD
    • Identification of ceramic coating layer (nitride, carbide, oxide) using electron diffraction

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