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Analysis of Organic/High Polymer Materials

In order to improve the functionalities of organic/high polymer materials (strength, high resistance to corrosion, electric physical property: insulation property, optical characteristics, etc.), JFE-TEC provides structure analysis technique necessary for material design including combination with different materials and failure analysis.
We also prepare samples according to high polymer materials susceptible to damage from an analysis.

Analysis of High Polymer Materials/Polymer Composite Materials

JFE-TEC conducts structure observation of the lamination, coatability, and substrate jointing condition of coatings and composite filler/fine particles by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), along with an analysis of fine portions in combination with EDX/EELS analysis.

The observation subjects include the following:

  • Surface/structure morphology (surface texture, diplophase distribution)
  • Composite particles/filler (morphology, particle size distribution, agglomeration)
  • Lamination structure/coatability of surface treatment/surface modification/thin film/coating, film, crystallization, chemical bond state/molecular structure, reaction of interface between different materials, resin deterioration
  • Morphological observation

    • Observation of the metallic/ceramic film on polymer substrate using ULV-SEM
    • Non-deposition observation of the polymer film/polymer substrate using ULV-SEM
    • Non-deposition observation of the deteriorated coating/filler using ULV-SEM
    • Non-deposition observation of the polymer alloy using ULV-SEM
    • Non-deposition observation/cryo-FIB processing of separator for cell using ULV-SEM
    • Observation of the organic substance attached on Si wafer using ultra low voltage SEM
    • Evaluation of fraction of material in positive electrode material (positive electrode material, binder, pore) using SEM
    • Observation of composite particles/fillers using ULV-SEM, 3D observation of fillers using FIB-SEM
    • Observation of the catalyst layer of surface of polymer substrate for electroless plating
    • SEM observation of rubber sheets having gone through cryo-FIB processing
    • Observation of the reaction layer of rubber/metallic interface using TEM
    • Observation of the polymer coating layer of metallic particles using Cs corrector STEM and TEM
    • Low-temperature observation/cryo-FIB processing of organic EL using Cs corrector STEM
  • Elementary analysis

    • Analysis/cryo-CP processing of MEA for FC using FE-EPMA
    • Observation of reaction layer of rubber/metallic interface using TEM
    • Analysis of added metallic fine particles in polymer using Cs corrector STEM and TEM-EDX-EELS
    • Observation of polymer coating layer of metal particles using Cs corrector STEM/TEM-EDX-EELS
    • Low-temperature film structure analysis/cryo-FIB processing of organic EL using Cs corrector STEM-EDX-EELS
    • Observation of power generation layer (ZnO/pigment composite layer) of pigment sensitized solar cell (organic solar cell) using FIB-ULV-SEM
  • Chemical state analysis

    • Identification of dispersed particles in polymer using TEM-EELS
    • Identification of resin foreign substance using Raman spectroscopy, FT-IR and NMR
    • Mass analysis of resin additive

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