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Structure Analysis of Electronic Materials and Semiconductors

Functionalities (*1) of electronic materials, semiconductor materials and electronic parts such as power device, memory, solar cell, MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System), LED and organic EL, and organic electronics are exhibited as the material such as wafer and epitaxial layer and thin film deposition process (*2) of varying type are combined.

Furthermore, these are combined to produce mounted components and modules. JFE-TEC provides structure analysis techniques necessary for material design and failure analysis of these devices.

( *1 ) Functionalities:
Refer to electric/electronic characteristics, diode characteristic, switching characteristic, electrical conductivity, insulation property, dielectric property, piezoelectric property, and optical characteristics (light emission, luminescence, absorption)

( *2 ) Thin film deposition process:
Refers to manufacturing process such as etching, deposition, heat treatment, ion implantation, and diffusion.

Wafer and Epitaxial Layer (Average Composition, Impurities, Stress, Defect)

We conduct average composition analysis, local defect observations, and stress evaluation of wafers and the epitaxial layer.

Fine Structure of Device (Thin Film/Plating, Etching, Diffusion, Ion Implantation, and Thermal Oxidation)

JFE-TEC observes films and interfaces produced by methods of thin film deposition, etching, diffusion, and ion implantation and investigate element distribution (in in-plane and depth directions) and change of chemical state.

  • Morphological observation

  • Elementary analysis

    • Analysis of Cr (35 nm/W (12 nm)) multilayer thin film using ULV-SEM-EDX
    • Analysis of GaAs/AlGaAs super lattice film using ULV-SEM-EDX
    • EELS/EDX analysis of gate oxide film/SiC interface of SiC-based power device MOSFET using Cs corrector STEM and TEM
    • Analysis of GaAs/AlGaAs super lattice using Cs corrector STEM-EDX/EELS
    • Mapping of LSI contact part using Cs corrector STEM-EDX/EELS
    • EDX/EELS analysis of diode metallic/SiC interface using Cs corrector STEM
    • Section observation of light-emitting diode using FE-EPMA
    • Depth-direction analysis of SIMS of transparent electrode of TFT liquid crystal panel
    • Depth direction analysis of multilayer thin film using AES
    • Analysis of multilayer thin film for perpendicular magnetization film using Cs corrector STEM
    • Observation of magnetic head using Cs corrector STEM and TEM
  • Chemical state analysis

    • EELS/EDX analysis of gate oxide film/SiC interface of SiC-based power device MOSFET using Cs corrector STEM and TEM
    • State analysis of gate oxide film using EELS and XPS
    • Analysis of electron state in non-crystalline WO3 thin film
  • Crystalline structure analysis

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