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Bending Test for Compression Hip Screws (CHS)

The durability of CHS, which is a type of fracture fixation device for bone fractures of the femoral neck, is evaluated by the compression bending fatigue test.

Outline of Measurement Technology

Compressive load and bending moment act on CHS, which are used in the femoral neck. JFE-TEC evaluates the compressive bending durability of CHS in a condition in which lag screws and the plate are assembled in accordance with JIS T 0313 and ASTM F384.

Outline of Test

Corresponding standards JIS T 0313 "Testing methods for compression bending properties of metallic osteosynthesis devices"
ASTM F 384 "Standard Specifications and Test Methods for Metallic Angled Orthopedic Fracture Fixation Devices"
Test environment Room temperature, atmospheric environment
Test method Compression bending fatigue test
Cycle frequency 1-3 Hz*
Number of cycles 1 × 106*

Outline of Measurement Technology

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