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Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of Stents (Medical Metallic Components)

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Electrochemical measurement using an actual stent as the sample electrode.

Outline of Test

Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of Stents Conforming to JIS Standards for Medical Equipment

The corrosion resistance of stents is evaluated by performing electrochemical measurement in accordance with JIS T 0302 (Testing method for corrosion resistance of metallic biomaterials by anodic polarization measurement). Because the test is carried out with a stent of an actual stent shape, more accurate evaluation is possible in comparison with evaluations of only using stent materials.

Anodic Polarization Test

The change in the corrosion behavior of a test sample (stent) due to electrical potential is investigated by applying a potential between the sample electrode (stent) and a reference electrode by a potentiostat and measuring the current (corrosion current) that passes between the electrodes. Under JIS T 0302, anodic polarization is performed in a corrosion environment simulating the human body by using saline or another artificial body fluid as the test solution.

Approval/Calibration of Equipment and Devices Used

Because approval/calibration based on national standards has been completed for all the equipment and devices used, measurement results can be used as data when applying for various types of approvals.

Other Corrosion Resistance Evaluation Services

JFE-TEC can also perform corrosion resistance evaluation testing conforming to JIS standards for metallic materials for medical use other than stents. Please consult with our sales contact!

Example of Anodic Polarization Test of Stent (JIS T 0302)

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