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Torsional Torque Measurement by Micro Torsion Tester

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Test body holding devices are available for a wide variety of shapes, enabling extremely accurate evaluation of micro torque. We can also perform torsional torque evaluations of medical metallic bone screws conforming to ASTM F543 and JIS T 0311.

Outline of Test Device

Micro Torsion Series 55MT2 (Manufactured by Instron)

Torque meter capacity 220N-m or 22N-m
Max. length of specimen 419mm
Max. diameter of specimen 127mm
Max. rotational speed 60rpm
Max. rotations 36,000, either clockwise or counterclockwise
Rotational angle resolution 0.0028℃
Instron Micro Torsion Series 55MT2

Examples of Test Body Holding Methods and Output Results

Failure Torque Test of Bolt

Failure Torque Test of Fitted Shaft

We can also prepare test reports in English and a number of other languages!

In addition to Japanese, we can also provide test reports in accordance with ASTM, ISO and other standards in English.

We can also provide expert translations in many other languages. Please discuss your language needs with us when making an inquiry or request.

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