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Fatigue Test of Dental Implants Using Resin Embedding Material

Fatigue test for evaluation of the durability of dental implants fixed in resin embedding material.

Outline of Measurement Technology

A fatigue test is performed, as provided in ISO 14801, after embedding the bone-anchoring part of a dental implant in resin.

Outline of Test

Corresponding standard ISO 14801 "Dentistry - Implants - Dynamic fatigue test for endosseous dental implants"
Test environment (20±5)℃, constant humidity, in atmosphere/(37±2)℃, in water
Embedding material Acrylic resin (modulus of elasticity > 3 GPa)
Test method Compression fatigue test
Cycle frequency ≤15 Hz, in atmosphere/≤2 Hz, in water
Max. number of cycles 5 × 106

Schematic Diagram of Measurement Method

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