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Precision Torsion Fatigue Test

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Evaluation of torsional fatigue properties under small torques of 1-100 N⋅m.

Outline of Measurement Technology

Low torque precision torsion tests and torsional fatigue tests are performed using a small-scale torsional fatigue testing machine with a maximum torque of 100 N⋅m.

The testing machine can apply torsional load and simultaneously apply axial loads (compression, tension), supporting testing in which simultaneous application of combined tensile/compressive and torsional loading is required.

The testing machine is installed in a laboratory with constant temperature/constant humidity conditions throughout the year, enabling extremely accurate evaluations unaffected by temperature, even for aluminum alloys, resins, etc.

Outline of Test

Test environment Constant temperature, constant humidity, in atmosphere. In addition to atmospheric air, tests can also be performed in 0.9%NaCl aqueous solution at 37℃, etc. Please consult with us!
Test methods Torsional fatigue test (max. ± 100 N⋅m), static torsion test (max. 70 N⋅m)
Fatigue test frequency 0.1-30 Hz
Examples of object parts of evaluations Shafts, gears, cams, welded assembled columns

Examples of Torsion Tests

  • 100 N⋅m torsion fatigue testing machine
    100 N⋅m torsion fatigue testing machine
  • Torsional fatigue test of aluminum extruded material
    Torsional fatigue test of aluminum extruded material

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