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Measurement of Attachment Strength of Attachment for Artificial Teeth (Female)

Test for confirmation of mechanical safety of dental implants conforming to various standards.

Outline of Measurement

These tests are performed to measure the fitting/pull-out strength of the attachment when a dental implant is attached to a ball abutment.
(1) Fitting test: Measurement of maximum load when a female attachment is fitted on a ball abutment.
(2) Pull-out test: Measurement of the maximum load required to pull out the fitted attachment.

Example: "Handling of dental implants in applications for approval," Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau Notification 0713, No. 1, issued July 13, 2012

Test Machine

  • Test machine used: Electromagnetic force-type micro test machine, manufactured by Shimadzu Corp.
    (model: MMT-500N)
  • Max. load: ± 500 N
  • Max. displacement: ± 10 mm
  • Atmosphere: Room temperature
Test Machine

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